07 Nov 23:  Election Day
03 Nov 23:  Early voting ends.
Click here for early voting hours.
23 Oct 23: Early voting has begins.
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10 Oct 23:  Last day to register to vote in the election.
Elections Are
Nearly Here.
Learn About The Ballot Propositions.
The Contitutional Amendment Propositions are very confusing.  We strongly urge you to go to the non-partisan Texas League of Women Voters web site,scroll down and watch the videos of the pros and cons of each proposition.  Click Here to access the site.
Many of the voting locations have been MOVED.  Please Click Here to see where you are supposed to vote on election day.
Click Here to download a sample ballot so that you can record how you prefer to vote on each proposition.  Note: it is perfectly legal to take a marked sample ballot into the voting booth with you to help you remember your preferences.
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